Author guidelines

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ISI 2015 – Author guidelines

Please use for submissions

As of: 29.06.2014

template_iconPlease use the document format template which contains the most important format guidelines in the form of filler text.
Save the .dot file on your computer, open it, then save it under the name of your submission.

Basic Settings

Please save you submission as a .doc file (MS Word 97-2003).

Standard (Text): Times (New) Roman and 11 pt

Font: Times (New) Roman

Font Size: 11 pt

Typesetting: Fully justified (Except submission title and author information which should be centre justified)

Line Spacing: 1.13 multiple

Page Format: DIN A4

Margins: Top = 5.7 cm, bottom 4.9 cm, inner = 3.95 , outer 4.98 cm,
gutter 0 cm, header = 4.2 cm, footer = 1 cm,
for facing pages, gutter position left

Title: Bold, 16 pt Trebuchet, centred, followed by 1 line gap

Sub-title: Bold, 13 pt Trebuchet, centred, followed by 1 line gap

Author Name: Italicised, 14 pt, centred, followed by 1 line gap

Summary Title: Bold, 11 pt, left justified

Summary: Line spacing multiple 1.08, font size 11 pt. The summary should be no more than 10 lines long.

Diagrams/Tables: Labelling left justified, 9 pt. Diagrams / Illustrations: black-and-white, where possible in print quality (min 300 dpi)

Numerations: clearly with bullet point

Headings: three levels of complexity

Footnotes: frugal

Header/Pages Numbering: None

Bibliography: Fully justified, single spaced
primary literature: Titles are to be in italics
Recommended example: Schneider, A. (1996). An example citation for proceedings. Konstanz: Verlag.

Electronic sources should include the following information: author, year, title, publisher or publishing institution, source (URL) and date of most recent access.

Citation Style: In accordance with the author/year/page number system. Recommended example.:

(Schneider 1996: 45)

Schneider, A. (1996). An example citation for proceedings. Konstanz: Verlag.

Quotation marks

leading (“)
PC: alt + 0147
Mac: Option Key + 2 

trailing (”)
PC: alt + 0148
Mac: Option key + Shift + 2


PC: alt + 0146
Mac: Option key + Shift + ]

Page Numbering: None

Document Template: The document template is available for formatting submissions produced using MS Word.