Development of Competitive Intelligence Strategies for Organisations Providing Support to Start-ups: Examples of Genilem and Fongit (GLA)

The first objective of this study was to identify the economic intelligence requirements of two organizations providing support to start-ups in Western Switzerland (Genilem and Fongit) and to define recommendations to address their key issues. The second objective was to identify needs common to the two institutions and to suggest a set of measures that could be used on a regional scale to rationalize the use of resources.
Data were collected through about 20 interviews involving both start up managers and collaborators of the coaching companies. A questionnaire has been sent to most of the companies which had received support from these administrative bodies.
As a result, 2 lists of about 15 guidelines were given to Genilem and Fongit. Furthermore, practical measures and a better task allocation have been suggested to the regional support partners.
Ultimately, this research helped both Fongit and Genilem to improve their practices. It also served to provide a reflection on what should be considered as essential support for entrepreneurship in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva. In addition, the study offers an innovative methodology for the analysis of the need for economic intelligence.

Keywords: Competitive intelligence, Business intelligence, Start-up, Business incubator, Innovation.

Gerhard Lustig Prize Presentations
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