andias Andias Wira Alam

About Andias

Andias Wira-Alam has finished his study in early 2008 with Master of Science in Informatics and started to work at GESIS on June 2008 as Research Associate in the department “Information Processes in the Social Sciences”. In 2010 he finished a project, funded by BMBF, codename MISSY 2, dealing with the implementation of data documentation for the German Microcensus. Afterwards he was involved in the development of the first prototype of the da|ra project, the DOI registration service in Germany for social science and economic data. Currently he is working on a open repository, called “datorium”, which focuses on social science research data. He published several research papers among others in International Symposium of Information Science (ISI), International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST), Digital Library, and CLEF Evaluation Labs and Workshop.

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