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About Tefko

Noted for being a well renowned information scientist, Tefko Saracevic was elected as president of the American Society for Information Science (ASIS) in 1991. Saracevic was honored for his contribution to Information Science by receiving the highest award given by the Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval, Association for Computing Machinery (SIGIR/ACM); the Gerard Saltion Award for Excellence in Research. Saracevic was distinguished for his publication, Users lost: Reflections on the past, future, and limits of information science, which shed a great deal of light on the evolution and future possibilities of information science and takes into consideration the broad aspects of information science as a field. Being a pioneer to the information science field, his research and development on information retrieval was a huge contribution to the IT area of study in his journal, Evaluation of Evaluation in Information Retrieval, which pinpointed the evaluations of IR processes and systems. His outstanding technical contributions to the IT discipline impacted the area of study significantly, he was distinguished for his scholarly attainments in 1966 with the Prize Paper Award. Saracevic’s ability to transform the way of thinking in terms of information science was a highly reputable achievement, his views were outlined in his work, Relevance: A Review of the Literature and a Framework for Thinking on the Notion in Information Science. He has impacted the field of Information Science not only through his research and scholar recognition but also through his teaching abilities as honored by the Outstanding Information Science Teacher Award.

As of January 2015 he has received 3,349 citations in Scopus database (covers journal citations since 1996 and excludes self citations). In Google Scholar (with a broader coverage of all kinds of documents in addition to journals) he received 10,665 citations.

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